Still learing how to SEO

Oh SEO! One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in starting and running this photography business is the reality that I have to wear a lot of different hats. All of the hats really. In business there are separate silos such as operations, finance, and marketing. Each department specifically handles one aspect of the business. When you run a small business, you handle all of them.

Of the three aforementioned silos, my experience in marketing is the least. It is probably the area I feel the most uncomfortable with, and in all honesty, probably the first thing I will outsorce once I have the opportunity! Along with marketing is the advertising of a visual business online. That means social media, and paid advertisements, and making sure that business profiles are available on Google, and Yelp, and Yahoo, and so on and so on.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the trickiest areas of the online experience and the chief reason that I write this post. There are so many little tricks and ways to design your webpage that helps Google and other webcrawlers find your information and then help send it to the masses. That is why this post is dedicated to getting my links out there so that people can find my business: Shawn Keller Photography.

I will attach a list of all links to my site below and for those of you who are looking for more organic content that doesn’t feel so generic, I promise those more heartfelt posts which explore my love for photography will come soon. Sometimes we have to do the things we don’t love so that we can do the ones that we do! – Shawn

Without further ado, here are my website links:

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Other ways to find me:

Bloomington Chamber of Commerce

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